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Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd

Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: SIMPLY
No. of Employees: 50~70
Annual Sales: 2000000-3000000
Year Established: 2005
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

As a wire shelving & racking storage system producer, consultant and installer, Dong Guan Simply has been in the development of metal storage and handling equipment systems since 2005.


Manufacturing Facility


  • Accommodate small and large volume requests with quick turnaround
  • A variety of finishes including Zinc, Nickel Chrome, Powder Coat and others
  • One Manufacturer Offers both Standard and Custom Solutions
  • Over 15 years of Manufacturing, Design and Development Experience

Manufacturing Products


  • Steel wire shelving, finishing available in Nickel Chrome, Zinc,Powder Coat and others
  • Stackable/Collapsible Wire Baskets
  • Standard & Customized Wire Container
  • Security Carts
  • Wire Rolling Carts
  • High-density storage shelving system.
  • Customized wire storage items


We are not only offering a product but also a storage solution




In the sprawling place of Guangdong, China, where innovation and industry intersect, the story of Simply Metal began. Established in 2005, Simply Metal has evolved from humble beginnings into a renowned leader in the manufacturing and distribution of wire and metal storage and display solutions.


The Founding Years (2005):
Simply Metal's journey began with a small team of dedicated individuals who shared a vision of creating top-quality wire and metal products. With limited resources but boundless enthusiasm, they set up a modest production facility. The company's founders believed in the potential of wire and metal products to transform storage and display solutions, and this belief fueled their early endeavors.


metal processing factory


Early Growth (2005-2010):

During the early 2005, Simply Metal gained a reputation for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company expanded its product range to include wire shelving, wire baskets, and other storage essentials. This diversification allowed them to cater to a broader spectrum of industries and clients, both domestically and internationally.


As word of Simply Metal's exceptional quality and customization capabilities spread, the company began to collaborate with businesses around the world, becoming a trusted partner in creating tailored storage and display solutions.


Innovation and Expansion (2011-2020):

The next decade marked a period of remarkable growth and innovation for Simply Metal. The company invested in cutting-edge advanced machinery and modernized its production processes, ensuring precision and efficiency. This commitment to innovation led to the development of new products and solutions, including customized metal storage systems designed to meet the specific needs of various industries.

Simply Metal's participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions further solidified its global presence, allowing it to connect with a diverse clientele and explore emerging markets. As sustainability became a paramount concern, the company embraced eco-friendly practices, prioritizing and minimizing its environmental footprint.



Recent Years and Ongoing Commitment (2021-Present):

Simply Metal continued to thrive under the guidance of visionary leadership. The company's dedication to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction remained unwavering. It continually adapted to evolving industry trends and customer demands, keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of storage and display solutions.

In recent years, Simply Metal's product portfolio expanded to encompass a wide range of wire and metal items, including innovative shelving systems, wire basket, wire container, wire cart, and display racks. With a global network of clients and partners, the company continued to create tailored solutions for retail, healthcare, logistics, and countless other industries.



china wire shelving factory

china wire basket facotry exhibition






The services we are offering

  1. OEM & ODM

Not only offering standard shelving, tailored made & custom design items are acceptable

See below how Wire Shelving Order/inquiry processed

  1. By receiving a drawing / picture /sketch or even an idea, a drawing will be created by our designer after necessary communication with clients. Enough communication is essential to understand clients’ requirements and target markets.
  2. Once drawing, material, surface treatment, all necessary details confirmed quotation will be offered
  3. Production will be arranged after prices with all details confirmed, while one sample is available to be sent for client’s evaluation. That is why the new items need longer time to be finished. However for standard ones will be faster as production mould is already in warehouse.
  4. Important is quality inspection DURING production, rather than after production finished. Random inspection will be done DURING production & when packing
  5. Final random inspection will be done after all items finished by QA Team
  6. Whether using our cooperated freight forwarder or clients appointed agent , shipping will be arranged by us.

      2.  Packing design    


We will check with items and give professional packing way, with whether using foam, plastic, or carton which is necessary to protect items from damaged


     3. Sample services


One set of shelving/ racking samples will be offered free of charge, with freight cost at client cost


    4.  Trial order acceptable


We understand that you may need test quality first, so Small order is acceptable at the beginning to start cooperation.


   5. Loading test service


Safety is always important for end users safety consideration. We will give our buyers/users a suggested loading capacity

Our Team


Production Manager-Sam Tian , Working for Simply since 2009 


China Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd company profile 0


Sales Manager-- Sandra Lu

China Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd company profile 1



Marketing Manager--Sophie Yim, working for simply from 2010


China Dongguan Simply Metal Products Co., Ltd company profile 2




Designer Lary Liang--rich experience of smart storage product designing


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Our team family


Simply team family

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